The Medical and Dental Council has inducted 54 Family Health Medical School students into the medical profession as Doctors.

The ceremony which was on the theme, “Guiding the Professions, Protecting the Public”, was organized for the newly qualified Doctors who graduated in 2023, which included Family Health Medical School Graduates.

Professor Enyonam Yao Kwawukume, Founder of Family Health University College and President of Family Health Medical School, in an interview, disclosed that, because of their plan to set up a Medical School, they had started with a Clinic which became a hospital and later on, the Medical School.

“Now, the Medical School has its hospital (Family Health Hospital) that provides clinical training and skills for students. This makes it the first-ever private medical school, with a hospital, in Ghana. We want to encourage others to set up hospitals as well so that they can enhance the clinical training sites for their students, and thus fulfill the dream for Ghana to improve medical care. As of now, we shall continue to let our students start learning clinical practices from the first year till they finish the medical programme. That is the dream for us”.

The Dean of the Medical School, Dr. Charles Fleischer-Djoleto, encouraged the newly inducted Doctors to keep the fire burning and not forget to respect patients, colleagues, juniors, and seniors and to keep the name of Family Health above all.

The Dean entreated the Doctors to go to wherever they were posted, show themselves capable of good performance, and make sure that everything worked well.

On her part, Mrs. Rita Kaine, the Registrar of Family Health University College expressed how Management and Faculty were excited to witness the induction of the 54 Medical Students from the Family Health Medical School into the medical profession.

“This is the third batch to be inducted into the medical profession. The Family Health Medical School, being the Premier Private Medical School of Ghana, is living up to its name, that is, our students bond as a family and graduate together to serve humanity. We are proud to see them being inducted into the medical profession. In a short while, we will have others coming up too, and we believe they will keep on shining as their predecessors have set a very good example for them to follow”.

The School, she mentioned, would not relent in its effort to train medical doctors for the country. “This is our way of helping to bridge the wide gap of the Doctor-patient ratio in Ghana.”

In an interview, the 2023 Course Rep. of Family Health Medical School, expressed his appreciation to Management of Family Health University College for providing them a solid platform to study medicine.

He disclosed that the school had given them exposure to the best lectures and the best systems.

He also revealed that they were 54 in class and were able to have 100% representation during the Induction ceremony as all have been inducted into the Medical profession.

“Family Health Medical School offers the best opportunity to have the best medical education in Ghana. They offer you practical training that prepares you best for the job market”.

The Inductees, who had been in the school for the past six years, graduated finally in September 2023.