Forty-seven (47) graduands made up of 26 females and 21 males on Thursday, 9th December 2021 graduated as the second batch of medical students from the Family Health Medica; School after passing through all the requisite courses and examinations.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Naa Dr. Ahassan Andani, Board Chairman of the Family Health Medical School Endowment Fund appealed to the government to provide 30 percent tuition fees of students in private medical

Naa Andani also appealed to traditional authorities to partner government and the training institutions by pooling resources together to sponsor brilliant but needy students in their communities who will return to serve those communities after their medical training.

He also entreated the graduands to accept postings to rural commuunities, where they could easily impact positively on the people than going to congest the already crowded health facilities in the cities.

He announced that the Family Health Medical School Endowment Fund was already operational and called on individuals and organisations to support the Fund to train more medical doctors into the system.

Prof. Enyonam Yao Kwawukume, Founder and President of Family Health University College announced that Management was working towards acquiring a Presidential Charter to make it a fully-fledged autonomous University and appealed for support from all stakeholders in that direction.

He said the University College was also poised to launch their second Strategic Plan in the first half of 2022 to provide the blueprint for the Institution to move towards greater achievements.

He announced that, the institution had bolstered her faculty with highly qualified and seasoned professionals to make it a true Centre of Excellence.

On infrastructure, he said the University College had undertaken more projects to improve facilities and structures that provide students with best training environment to promote discovery, teaching and learning.

Dr. Simon Sackitey swept four out of the seven award categories, including the prestigious ‘FHUC Founders’ Prize for Overall Best MBChB Graduating student’, ‘Prof. Jonathan Hubert Addy’s Prize for Best Graduating Student in Medicine and Therapeutics’, ‘Best Graduating Student in Surgery’ and also the ‘Best Graduating Student in Clinical Studies’.

Other awardees were Dr. Sussie Anku, ‘Best Graduating Student in Child Health’ and ‘Best Graduating Student in Community Health’.

‘Prof. Timothy R. B. Johnson’s Prize for Best Graduating Student in Obstetrics and Gynaecology’ was awarded to Nicholas Tettey Nartey’.