Management of Family Health University College has organised Leadership Training as part of pre-graduation ceremony activities to equip graduands with leadership skills. The training forms part of measures to ensure that doctors produced by the school are of a higher standard.

The training among other things, is to enable the out-going medical students effectively interact with patients and society in general.

The facilitator of the training programme, who is also the Council Chairman of Family Health University College, Brig. Gen. Daniel Kwadjo Frimpong (RTD), said, “leadership training was vital as far as young graduates were concerned.”

He pointed out that it is wrongly assumed, in many organizations that every university graduate is a leader. He referred to the out-going Family Health Medical School students as young doctors would soon be entering the medical professional field and that, they would be expected to exhibit leadership skills to impact positively on society.

Brig. Gen. Frimpong (RTD) said that the military is a complete organization where people are trained to be leaders right from the onset, but for other disciplines, such skills may not be imparted to students before they set out to work.

He said his expectation was that the new medical doctors would acquire this significant skill and apply them to make a difference wherever they would be posted to work. He entreated them to be compassionate, humble, hardworking and disciplined as they pursued their careers as medical doctors. “You can have all the knowledge in the world, you can be very good at your job but, if you fail to show humility, you will not be successful and will not realise your potentials’, he added.

A graduant and participant at the training, Nuhu Abdul Basir, commended Management of Family Health University College for their foresight and recommended that Leadership courses should be included in the Institution’s curriculum so that all students would acquire the needed skills before their final graduation.

The training, he indicated, was timely as it would be a guide to them when they start working.