This year’s “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” activities and free screening organized at the Family Health Hospital ended successfully on Saturday 31st October, 2020. Dubbed ‘FAMILY HEALTH GOES PINK’, the hospital engaged its audiences and clients through our Facebook and SMS platforms with education and awareness on the myths and facts about breast cancer.

The need for early detection was highly emphasized by medical personnel during screening. The free screening sessions saw over 200 clients of the hospital and community members went through a thorough clinical breast examination. Wrapping up the month-long activities for breast cancer awareness month, Dr. Anna Doris Blankson-Darku, medical officer in charge of this year’s breast cancer screening, reiterated calls for the public to screen for breast cancer often, as early detection curbs the spread of the disease. She further advised that, October should not be the only time for breast screening, as self-examination could be done a week after menstruation or get it professionally examined if unsure of how to go about it.

As a leading cause of cancerous death in women, more than a million women worldwide are each year diagnosed with the disease with over half of the affected losing their lives. The World Health Organization and its global partners have therefore dedicated October as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’, the campaign involves health institutions and other relevant stakeholders in highlighting the importance of breast cancer awareness, diagnosis and research.