The Family Health Hospital opposite Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Centre, has commissioned a new Emergency Ward to take in more patients at a time.

The Expanded-24-Hour-Eleven-bed-capacity ward with modern facilities including nine Oxygen points, Hoists that lift patients from one location to another and monitors attached to each bed, with qualified and experienced Doctors and Nurses is established to show the amount of care the hospital has for its patients.

A Roman Catholic Church priest, Father Patrick Tindaana, who dedicated the building, committed the Management, Staff, Doctors and Nurses of the Hospital into the hands of the Almighty God, and prayed for His protection and healing mercies for all patients who would be seeking for healthcare services at the Hospital.

The Registrar of Family Health Medical School, Mrs.Rita Kaine together with Mrs. Frances Lomoko, Matron of Family Health Hospital, assisted Rev. Father Patrick Tindaana to commission the new Emergency Ward.


Family Health Hospital is a 24-hour private hospital which provides comprehensive healthcare services to clients in its environs and beyond. It has requisite medical expertise, human and material resources to provide quality services to clients.

The 24-hour private hospital, has at its disposal comprehensive healthcare services for its clients in the areas of: General Medical Practice, a 24 Hour Outpatient-Inpatient Hospitalization, Antenatal Services, a Well-Woman and Well-Man Clinic. The hospital also runs a Day/Night Pharmacy and Ambulance Service.

Family Health Hospital also has Specialist Services including Surgical Services, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Child Health (Pediatrics), Physician Specialist Care, Dietetic Clinic, Eye Clinic (Optometrist/ Ophthalmologist), Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Orthopedic (Bone), Genito-Urinary (GU), Dermatology (Skin Diseases), Diabetology, Cardiology, a Fertility Centre also known as “Test tube babies” where many single, twins and triplets have been delivered.

Family Hospital has just established a Cardio-Thoracic Centre with a well-equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU). it would soon start open-heart surgery and that makes Family Health Hospital the first private teaching hospital to perform such surgery.

Dr. Susu Bridget Kwawukume is the Chief Medical Director of Family Health Hospital and the co-founder of Family Health University College.

She is a trusted patient-focused Doctor with a long history of serving patients by successfully diagnosing and treating them, and also managing their total healthcare in various hospitals in Ghana.

Dr. Susu Bridget Kwawukume is also a Public Health Consultant and a practising dermatologist. She served as the Senior Medical Officer in charge of Public Health in the Greater Accra region.