Third Matriculation Ceremony Held

Family Health Medical School held its 3rd Matriculation Ceremony for the 2017/2018 Academic year and the Graduate/Undergraduate Medical Programme. This came off on the 9th of November, 2017 at the forecourt of the school’s premises.

The Family Health Medical School continues to soar as a third batch of over seventy students have been successfully inducted into Ghana’s Premier Private Medical School.

The Matriculants, made up of 56 Graduate Medical students and 32 regular medical students span over three continents with students from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun, Benin, Canada, Britain and the United States of America. The occasion saw the attendance of personalities such as Dr. Tony Oteng-Gyasi, the Managing Director of Tropical Cables and Conductors Ltd. who also served as the guest speaker for the occasion, Prof. E. Y. Kwawukume, Founder and President of the Family Health Medical School, Dr. Susu B. Kwawukume, Co-founder of the Family Health Medical School and Medical Director of the Family Health Hospital, Chiefs and Elders of Teshie, Faculty members of the institution and friends and family of the matriculants.

Dr. Tony Oteng-Gyasi, in his speech indicated that the time had come for students to take advantage of the huge body of human knowledge now available literally at their fingertips and broaden their approach to problem solving. He continued by saying that by doing this, they will make themselves even more useful and relevant to society.

Prof. E. Y. Kwawukume in his address encouraged students to make the most of the opportunity given them to pursue their dreams of medical education. He highlighted on the need for students to learn hard, challenge themselves to be innovative and to be caring to the society they seek to heal and offer comfort from their ailments.

He ended by further emphasizing Family Health Medical School’s vision to take medical education to a whole new level not only in Ghana and West Africa, but the whole of Africa and beyond.

Guided by our vision and core values, Family Health Medical school hopes to produce world class Medical Doctors in the Years to come.

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