The ever- increasing student population of the Family Health University College has necessitated the expansion of some of the institution’s major facilities. In recent times, expansion projects have taken place in some major areas, including the hostel facility and the medical school administration among others.

Currently, the institution is working on expanding the Emergency Unit of the Family Health Hospital, one of the three major arms of the University College. The on-campus hospital affords students the opportunity to interact and learn from skilled doctors and other medical personnel from the onset of training, thus, equipping them with the basic skills in medical healthcare early in their training.

The emergency ward which was formally a six-bed unit is being expanded to hold twelve extra beds, making it an eighteen-bed unit. The ultra-modern architectural design includes spacious bathrooms and washrooms with provisions for disabled patients, adequate ventilation channels and adequate space for medical personnel to easily move from one patient to the other. Even though these facilities were present in the former emergency unit, they have been upgraded and enhanced to adequately reflect the design of the current modern structure.

The Ghana News Agency recently wrote about other expansion projects currently taking place at Family Health. More information on this can be found at

With the aim of augmenting governments efforts to produce more medical doctors and contribute to bridging the low doctor-patient ratio in the country, the Family Health University College continues to adopt the most modern and effective methods of medical education and practices recognised worldwide to provide a top-notch facility to enhance teaching and learning. We are confident that our efforts will produce some of the very best medical personnel in the very near future.